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Coccyx or No Coccyx Cut Out

Are you tired of back pain? Want to have a more comfortable seat that will conform to your own  body shape or the position in which you normally sit? If so, then the Memory Foam Seat Wedge is for you.

Ergonomically designed Seat Wedge with Memory Foam allows your body to be in a neutral position to offer support for your pelvic region. Recommended for semi-flat surfaces, the seat wedge can be used to great effect in your car, office or home.

Practical uses for the seat wedge include:


  • Combine with the Backfriend back support or the Memory Foam Lumbar Support to improve posture and reduce loading of the lumbar spine.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry means it’s easy to take it with you when visiting friends, using public transport, at the cinema or theatre.
  • Coccyx cut out will assist a person with osteoporosis or following a coccyx injury to take pressure off the lower spine / tailbone region

A cost effective solution for improving posture & comfort when seated.

      Wedge with coccyx cut out   W43 x L40.5 x H7.5/2.5 cm              PRICE: $44.95
      1.25cm layer of memory foam

      Large Wedge no coccyx cut out    W43 x L40.5 x H6.5/2.5 cm    PRICE: $44.95
      2.5cm layer of memory foam

      Small Wedge  no coccyx cut out   W35 x L30 x H6.5/2.5 cm       PRICE: $34.95
      2.5cm layer of memory foam

A1104_MF_Seat_Wedge.jpg A1102_MF_Coccyx_Wege.jpg

buy_now_button.jpg Large or small Seat Wedge

buy_now_button.jpgCoccyx Wedge